Scientists are a category that, more or in line with other institutions, enjoys a certain trust on the part of the population.
The survey, conducted by in various countries, reveals a general confidence in scientists.
Climate change, pollution and the resulting environmental problems remain widespread concerns among the population.
The research (which touches various countries, for example: Italy, Brazil, UK, Australia, India, Canada etc.) focuses on the role of scientists, and above all on their fundamental role in tackling the Covid -19 pandemic. to vaccines (both concerning covid-19 and not), most of the population find them effective, although a combative minority questions their effectiveness. An average of 82% of the population considers investment in research to be of fundamental importance not always, however, and in varying percentages, are satisfied with the scientific results obtained by their governments, and in many places in the world, people see large room for improvement, in the situation concerning education in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), considered fundamental for technological and scientific progress. To find out more beyond the site we recommend this Laboratory news article … enjoy the reading!