The building of relationships with people and therefore the development of a network can become fundamental in life and in work. A 1985 study conducted by researchers Robert Kelley and Janet Caplan, analyzed that the most productive employees of a company, were not for a greater IQ, but because they have developed a good network of relationships with other experts and this has a positive effect on their productivity.

The connection with heterogeneous groups of people helps the development of creativity. The various contacts favor what is defined by Frans Johansson, (author of the book “The Medici Effect”) “Intersectional Thinking”. The best ideas come from meeting different environments (or different industry),

Fostering heterogeneous networking, regardless of whether a job requires it, can be a great source of inspiration and benefit.

The creation of a heterogeneous network also requires a certain amount of “discomfort” because we need to build relationships with people with whom there are no things in common.
Connections with people who are outside the usual working environment are a great strength but we can find it difficult to channel inspiration in the right direction.

A fair debate between different groups can lead to innovative solutions, access to information and points of view other than their own is potentially much more accessible now than in past years but the effort and focus required is big, but it is a challenge necessary to reach new solutions.
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