Listening to negative news frequently can logically have a negative effect on people’s morale. This negative impact can obviously have an impact on everyone’s private and working life.
As far as working life is concerned, in these situations it is important to improve the corporate culture. An improvement in this sense can have a positive impact on people’s psyche and on company productivity.
Modeling the corporate culture on concepts of positivity and optimism even in difficult situations (such as economic crises, or as during a pandemic) can be crucial in some cases, certainly it cannot only be linked to generic “motivational sentences” but to behaviors and attitudes that must start from the top roles of a company. The employees of a company are a fundamental engine for these improvements, however it is difficult for these positive changes to be made individually, generally they are group changes that feed on the development of positive habits, behaviors and routines to be respected.
The results that derive from the adoption of these changes must be carefully traced so as to see what positive effects certain changes may have had.
Hbr offers us an article in which he reports several examples of how to improve the mindset of the top roles and employees of a company, if you are curious we absolutely recommend you read it!