The laboratory is a working environment and as such obviously must be supported by work activities. Several architectural firms, such as Svigals + Partners or Gensler (but not only) have done research on how to improve the workspace. The environment must lead to open collaboration between people. One of the challenges for laboratories (as in other work environments) is to find a balance between work and research activities, with those of meeting and communication. Unfortunately there is no suitable solution for every place.
Generally these workplaces include a conference room, a break room, and long spaces dedicated to innovation and collaboration. These projects must also consider the health and well-being of those who work there, not make the rooms too separate (perhaps using transparent panels such as walls), an adequate and flexible infrastructure, capable of adapting over time to new needs. Obviously there is no standard formula for creating the ideal laboratory or work environment, but any project is the result of study and special needs, which combine efficiency, innovation and research.
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