The inclusion of diverse workforces in a work environment is always a very lively theme. The laboratory environment on this is no exception.
True diversity is a strength but it must pass through the recognition of each person, who in turn must contribute at the highest level.
The creation of a diverse workforce can start from different criteria (gender, race, education level, nationality etc.).
Having a representation of different groups means bringing different experiences and perspectives within a group, a difficult initial management of these peculiarities can however lead to excellent results in the medium-long term.
Articles by BCG and McKinsey have focused on the benefits of having a different workforce. Only through the creation of a culture that stimulates creative and liminal thinking is it possible to integrate different inputs. Obviously it is not easy and requires a lot of effort.
Sometimes managers may be opposed to ideas that they have not made of their background, instead these ideas, perhaps carried out by a multifaceted workforce, can be the new lifeblood for a company.
If an employee sees that his ideas are listened to and accepted rather than rejected, he will be stimulated to produce new, perhaps more efficient ones.
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