In many work environments, workflow management is a major issue, the lab is no exception. The general motto in these cases is “do more with less”. Prioritization is an “art” that must be mastered and can lead to excellent results (achieving goals in a short time, satisfied staff, greater performance, etc.).
Here are three small but valuable tips on this:

# 1 – Decide what’s important

It seems obvious but it isn’t, you need to have an understanding of what is important, rank your values ​​as an organization. For example safety, quality, cash flow, customer satisfaction etc.

# 2 – Important versus urgent

To follow this suggestion it may be useful to refer to the Eisenhower matrix.

# 3 – First in-first out is not prioritization

You have to be careful because this way of doing prioritization is not actually so productive because it is more a way of having a timeline, but in reality it does not conceptually evaluate the importance of the tasks so if you use this way the advice is to reconfigure it, at least partially

If you want to get into the details of these tips, we recommend that you read the Labmanager article!