We often believe that professional life and personal life are totally separate aspects. Our decision-making processes are important in both areas. The two areas are permeated with successes and failures that reverberate in both.
The improvement of one’s own decisions and leadership both in work and in private life goes through the recognition of one’s mistakes.
Mistakes that can be common are a lack of knowledge of one’s abilities and characteristics, prevalence of emotions rather than the reason in actions or wrong habits. The improvement of some personal areas allows an improvement of one’s actions and performances, for example: Identify their own characteristics and focus on those, “training” them to be more efficient. Improve acceptance, both of ourselves and of others’ ideas (including criticism). Work on our own weaknesses to prevent them from becoming insurmountable obstacles to our leadership skills. Leadership (and other skills) must be cultivated in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, whether work or not.
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